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"Hi Dave,
First session I got the message to forgive my self, which really helped to open up more. Second session, I got the messages to pray for someone for healing (forgiveness), fix my heart and spirit in Jesus, "Do not be afraid" and surrender everything to Jesus. 
~Chutama83 - August 6th, 2020

"I really liked the Bonfire meeting especially the topics and the deeply rooted Catholic references like, The Bible, The St. Faustina Diary, The Catechism Of The Catholic Church. The flow from one speaker to the next was smooth and the trail walk with Jesus - WOW."
~Shawn - June 20th, 2020

 "I really enjoyed the 1st Bonfire event and got a good revelation, it really lifted my spirits."
~Arturo - June 23rd, 2020 

We rely on the Holy Spirit to guide us. Holy, Catholic bishops, priests, lay evangelists, saints and angels help us understand and guide us to the infinite goodness of God. We also discern and bring in pearls from our Protestant siblings and hope that they will join us one day in communion with the bride of Christ, our Holy Mother Church. We are children playing as God wants us to play in the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, which John the Baptist and Jesus proclaimed. This is not work this is play. Jesus says ‘let the children come to me.” We willingly run to Him.We are God’s children formed in the image and likeness, both male and female complimentary with equal dignity and importance in the body of Christ.We are baptized priests, prophets and kings. God’s children with access to his power and inheritance. Our identity is in Him not man. 
JN 1:12-14 

We have early Church spirit and delight in the Catholic Scripture, Tradition and Majisterium and stand on this rock of foundation. This is a resource center for spiritual growth so we can be a light to the world. Salt in a tasteless secular world. We find God everywhere, beauty, science and others. There are no politics here our faith is in God not man. We have one King, our Lord Jesus Christ. We rely on 1 Sam 8:7-9. We reject and renounce the gods of wealth, power, honor and pleasure. 
- Bishop Robert Baron. 

We choose to do the will of God:  rejoicing evermore; praying without ceasing; in everything giving thanks. 1Thes 5:16-18 
We pray, we hope and we don’t worry. 
Padre Pio. 

This not Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram. This for our souls to ignite and be lifted up so we may stand in His glory without needing welding glasses. This is all for the greater Glory of God! 
Ad majored Dei Gloriam - Ignatius of Loyola.~
~Eric - April 19th, 2020

When the night becomes dark His love is a Fire. So fix your gaze on the lamp. Burning  in the darkness. Until the dawn comes and the morning star rises in your heart. 
Brother Roger of Taize
~Jeff - April 22nd, 2020 

In the fullness of prayer 
Heaven's song in time 
Now the long-awaited moment 
daylight waxing. 
Strength  of God, 
from light to darkness. 
Journeying, beckoning to the Maiden 
softly speaking,
"Do not be afraid. 
"Humility so gently queries, 
"Will you bear this child? 
"O, loud, exultant praise arising!
Hear the Virgin clear reply, 
"According to your word."
A restless sleep, A-suffering;
Dark the dreams, Dark the nights. 
Gabriel, great light shining. 
Strength of God, realms 
journeying, beckoning, 
"Do not be afraid. 
"O, David's son, come hear of Mercy
Hear anew the ancient promise
Spoken 'gainst the lies of Hell. 
Righteousness is death to self. 
Holiness, an emptiness where 
Love shall sit enthroned. 
In his eyes the morning light, 
In His heart a singing love as Joseph wakes.
"Here amidst a flood of grace, 
A strength bestowed beyond my own;
To live with you in mystery
To cherish, love this child you bear;
My King, my God, my All.
To spend my self protecting Love
Through all the sacred years.
O, Mary, let us walk together,
Let us share the way of God,
Our life an incense to the Lord."
"Yes, Joseph I will walk with you. 
Amidst the light of Heav'n so clear
And feel the very breath of God and
Dwell amidst eternity.His gentle touch hath wrought
This hidden mystery - Where barrenness, a blossoming
Where once was nought, a quickening -This Child!
Yes, Joseph, let us walk together,
Let us share the way of God,
Our life an incense to the Lord!"   
~Jeff - May 10th, 2020 

I am beloved I am saved; I am being saved; I will be saved ~we were united with Christ at our baptism. We were washed free from sin and we were given the Holy Spirit. This allows God to live in us. So that we can be like Jesus. Do you want to be like Jesus? What did Jesus do? 
~Dave - May 15th, 2020 

Be faithful in the small things so that God will prepare you to be faithful when the big things arise.  God is relying on us to bring forth the Kingdom. Practice Kingdom-building one person, one moment, at a time.  The person in front of you at Mass, on line behind you at Kroger's, etc, pray for a word for them and deliver it, as 'small' or insignificant as it may seem to you. Through consistent faithfulness (and obedience) in these small matters, God will prepare you for the big matters, and you are building the Kingdom in the process.
~Rory - May 22nd, 2020

Jesus says to "love your enemies." In fact, He says this so strongly that it is one of the most basic axioms of our faith. This statement also implies that you will always have enemies. Always. (Not unlike how he says that "the poor will always be with you.").  So, if we will always have enemies, then we therefore will never have "world peace."  And, Jesus specifically tells us that as important as peace is to the Kingdom and the new covenant, the peace He gives us is not as the world gives it: It is not world peace. Yet, how often do we hear secularists, and even churched Christians, praying for "world peace" as if it were the most important thing to be achieved.  Should we pray for something that Jesus says we will never have? Seems like not only a waste of prayer, but moreover, praying for something specifically against God's will.  Therefore, do not pray for world peace; rather, pray for your enemies. Do not pray for the peace of the world, but for the peace of Christ.
~Rory - May 23rd, 2020

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